Essential for any home owner or landlord

If you own a property and have contents of value, home and contents insurance can cover you should the unfortunate and unforeseen result in your home.

What is home and contents insurance and how can you adequately insure your property and your possessions?

Home and Contents insurance

Essential for any home owner or landlord, home and contents insurance are two separate insurance policies that come together to provide comprehensive financial cover for unexpected damage to your property or your belongings within it. Offering priceless peace of mind, home and contents insurance lets you sleep easy, knowing that you and your family are covered should the worst happen.

Similar to other types of insurance, there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy. Every home and contents policy is different so it’s important to understand exactly what type of cover you are planning to purchase and whether this will meet your needs.

What is home insurance and what does it cover?

Home insurance provides financial cover for costs associated with re-building or repairing damage to your property as a result of certain events such as fire and theft. The extent of cover you receive is based on the type of policy you purchase.

There are two main types of home insurance policy: ‘defined events’ and ‘accidental damage’.

A ‘defined events’ policy provides financial cover for property damage that occurs only as a result of those circumstances listed in your policy.

In general, circumstances listed in a ‘defined events’ policy will include:

  • Theft
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Explosion

  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Malicious damage.

By contrast, an ‘accidental damage’ policy offers more comprehensive cover. ‘Accidental damage’ policies will cover you for accidental loss or damage to your property resulting from any circumstance or event unless it is specifically excluded in the policy. This may even include accidentally breaking that expensive family heirloom in the living room.

What is contents insurance and what does it cover?

There are many things that make your house a home, and the contents insurance part of your policy helps provide financial cover to replace your possessions should they be lost, stolen or damaged. Contents insurance can cover everything from washing machine to your furnitures.

Contents insurance policies typically offer ‘replacement value’ or ‘new for old’ cover. New for old cover is the most popular, because it means your insurer will replace your old possessions with new items.

Contents insurance can be as comprehensive as you want it to be, with many variations that provide extra cover for specific, precious items (heirloom jewellery for example) or portable valuables such as computers and cameras.

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